I help women come home to themselves. In their practices. In their personal lives. In their bodies.

I do this with a combination of acupuncture treatment, counselling and coaching and through sharing my own magical navigation system!

Sessions happen either in person or over skype (I cant do acupuncture over skype unfortunately! )

I am passionate to offer you a way to learn how to truly nourish yourself mind body and spirit to step away from over work, exhaustion, burnout and self loathing to experience personal peace, stillness and passion for life.

This. Is. Possible.

I have been able to apply and hone my almost 20 years of experience in the field of acupuncture, wellness and health coaching to create a pathway for others to lovingly move from breakdown to breakthrough.


I learnt this the hard way, so you might not have to.



Seven years ago I was a very well travelled Acupuncturist and wife of an artist living overseas. This idyllic appearance covered the fact that I was deeply unhappy despite seemingly having it all and living the hippy dream of my 23 year old self. At 33 I knew things needed to change, I needed to change, and boy did they!

I have had to put all my skills and knowledge into action to navigate divorce, death of a loved one and a barrage of life circumstances. (Including creating a new modality and building a brand and a business!)

This has seen me step out from the simmering rubble of my own adrenal burnout with the conviction that I wholeheartedly know there is a much easier and loving way through such trying times.

Whether it’s in our practices or our personal life, this involves nourishing our most primary relationship, the one with ourselves. First.

Today I feel amazed, inspired, supported and so extraordinarily grateful for where I am. I have always wanted to be the woman I am now. I get to live by the beach, work in the rainforest and travel regularly to treat clients in Australia’s ‘big cities’ Truly its a dream come true. BUT I’m not going to pretend the road here was paved with gold!

This journey is not for the faint of heart and while I personally wouldn’t have it any other way I know this kind of journey is truly for women ready to brave the darkness within to discover the light that never goes out.

(I really hope that this is You!)

I didn’t move through these experiences completely alone, I truly wish I had known how to ask for more help more often.

Let me be that guide for you and man the GPS and offer the support you will need in those moments of doubt. Your homecoming party will be worth every moment I assure you!

If you have found yourself here know that it’s not meant to be all uphill, that magic and faith (and those adrenals) can be restored, that stopping and being still with yourself is ok.

It’s more than ok. It’s essential.

It is my belief that the ancient wisdom of our feminine ancestors is still with us, and within us and it is my mission to offer women a pathway to hearing that voice within for herself.



Where it began 

At the ripe old age of 19 I ditched the Creative Arts Degree I had started (writing and theatre) and followed a hunch and enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, my love of herbs and bach flowers looked to be a perfect match. Then simply one day toward the end of first year I went and had an acupuncture treatment, my first but certainly not my last! From that moment on I was hooked. People ask me now how I knew what I wanted to do. Its impossible to say. I just did. And I have been following those breadcrumbs and hints and winks from the universe ever since.  I went and transferred my course from Naturopathy to Acupuncture and never looked back!

I loved from the start that I got to work with my hands and connect with people. Now of course it comes full circle and I get to write more and create more. Nothing is ever lost it just repurposes itself! My 19 year old self could never have imagined all that was possible, but I’m so glad she took those flights of whimsy and bravely (or perhaps naively) kept following the pull she was feeling!



The technical stuff 

Keri has been practicing acupuncture for 17 years and working in the Wellness industry for almost 20. She has worked at a number of 5 star Health Retreats and Boutique Spas in Australia, Ireland and Asia as well as her private practice.

Her qualifications include

Bachelor of Health Sciences Acup

Advanced Dip in Applied Sciences Acup

Qualifications in Counseling, Massage + Training



Her claim to fame is as the creator of Rockupuncture ™ a luscious spa modality that you can experience at Gwinanna Lifestyle Retreat in her hometown of the Gold coast Australia or at Sydney Essential Health every couple of months.

Her clients include all sorts of amazing people.

Scroll all the way down to the testimonials at the bottom of this page to see if you can scout out a famous name or two!. Grab yourself the free meditation while you’re there!

If you’d like to train in this specialist modality I would love to hear from you.

You must be a qualified acupuncturist with a passion for the spa industry.

Send your expression of interest to Keri@kerikrieger.com

Keri has travelled internationally with Rockupuncture™ in collaboration with Gwinganna to

Chiva Som in Thailand 2009 and as a delegate to the ISPA conference in New York in 2011

She spoke on the topic of Wellness in the Spa industry at the ASPA conference on The Gold Coast in 2013

This year sees big things with the launch of her “School of Rockupuncture™” toward the end of 2015.

Her Rockupuncture Roadshow as its affectionately known hits Sydney and Melbourne 5 times a year, sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know when she’s in town.

When not doing all these wild things she can be found walking her Westie on the beach or dreaming about unicorns. She is also a BIG fan of a nap.



Testimonials for Wellness & Life Coaching

N. Mcarthy

Cayman Islands / (After an 8 week life coaching program)

Honestly, when I look back over the last couple of months and realise how far I have come, I am amazed and incredibly grateful for the love and support and just presence of you in my journey. Life is beautiful and you Keri are an angel Grace and Love, Nic

Eva-Rose Joyce

Acupuncturist after 6 months of Practitioner Coaching.

I enrolled in a year's worth of Practice Mentoring with Keri 6 months ago. It has been wonderful to have her on the other end of the phone for assistance with tricky clients, decisions on the direction of my practice and to benefit from her extensive experience in the spa industry. She’s generous with her knowledge and time, her articles are insightful and practical and I really feel she really speaks my language! I’m looking forward to what is in store for the next 6 months as I feel I have already come a long way.

S. Roth (after a 1:1 session)

/ S. Roth

I am home from Retreat and just was telling a friend how seeing you really helped me last week and I just wanted to say thank you for your care. It really helped me through my pain seeing you.

Kara Martini

I have found your gorgeous affirmations (that I have been reading over and over!) so helpful. Thank you so much for the healing work you did for me - you have such a beautiful caring nature, it helped me so much xx

Debbie Zita

Keri will lovingly and gently guide you through any emotional physical mental and of course spiritual blocks that you may be facing. She is not only a gifted intuitive but is highly intelligent and brings a sense of humour and ease to her work.

Lara Goode

Osteopath / South Eastern Osteopathy (Soon to be found at Rawreliefosteopathy.com.au!)

Words simply cannot describe just how amazingly magical Keri is. Starting my journey on an 8-week life coaching packaged was the best thing I ever did. Having such a supportive, intelligent and purely down to earth mentor literally changed my life. Her endless devotion and encouragement throughout our coaching sessions has helped me learn new life skills (both personal and business associated). As our program ended (and many tears were shed) I decided I could not possibly live without her and continued a monthly ‘maintenance’ of life guiding goodness! This coupled with body and soul nourishing acupuncture I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keri is now a valuable referral for many of my own clients and a close friend ? Jump on board people! You won't be disappointed! Xx

Ali Hill

Ali Hill

Psychologist/Speaker/Awesome Human

Keri’s ability to hold space when I was feeling hopeless, to cut through the noise when I was drowning is her gift to busy women. With her unique insights, her depth of experience and quirky humour, having her as a health coach bought me back to myself. When doubt rung louder than reason in my head, Keri’s practical advice gave me permission to be the biggest and best version of me. Every woman who is busy, drowning, losing sight of themselves will get huge value out of the words and wisdom that Keri shares. Do yourself a favour and get on board. I know that my future self is eternally grateful for the investment I made in having Keri in my corner.


Student of Nutrition

Thank you so much for sending me all those resources, and for taking the time to chat with me too! I felt so much better about my future even just after the little chat we had. That really meant the world to me and spun me a 180 in the right direction to a more positive outlook - so, thank you again.


Aged Care Worker and Magical Human

Thank you for the session on Friday I feel amazing! I seem to have more energy and even invited friends over for dinner on Saturday night which is not like me I don't usually initiate this but I did, so I'm feeling very happy and keep telling my family that I have had a great weekend. I am so happy to have met you and grateful that you have come into my life.

S. Roth (after a 1:1 session)

/ S. Roth

I am home from Retreat and just was telling a friend how seeing you really helped me last week and I just wanted to say thank you for your care. It really helped me through my pain seeing you.

Kara Martini

I have found your gorgeous affirmations (that I have been reading over and over!) so helpful. Thank you so much for the healing work you did for me - you have such a beautiful caring nature, it helped me so much xx

Contact Keri

p 0414 138 799
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