How a mentor will help you avoid overwhelm in your complimentary health practice

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(Doesn’t everyone set up a work station on a stool on a rug with their dog?)


So, you’re thinking that it might be helpful to find a Mentor or a Coach but you’re not sure if maybe they’re the same thing or if you need two separate people… but again you’re not sure. You just know that it would be great to have some support. This should help!

A mentor is someone who has gone before you in a field that is similar or the same and is laying the steps for you to follow. A coach has a role to empower you and guide you in your own personal and/or business self discovery. For me this coaching component is essential in my mentoring due to the personal and authentic component of practicing in health and wellness. To be honest it’s where most of the business growth is.

A good mentor will not try to be all things to all people. If you are looking for a mentor/Coach who is specifically going to offer you guides to 6 figure marketing funnels I am NOT your girl. I do however work with discovering your own personal metrics for success and ways to optimise them. Nor am I an SEO expert, although I have an amazing one to refer you to!

It should also be noted that neither of these titles qualifies or substitutes for the services of mental health professionals psychologists and psychiatrists. There have been times where I have lovingly referred applying clients onto other more appropriate allied health professionals.

A good mentor or coach will have an agreed time line and plan on offer and include plenty of reflective practice as well as experiential outcomes (thats the bit where you get to see how far you have come) There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a mentor or coach and why you might need one in the first place!

The first and most simple answer is because it’s always easier to see from the outside. Even the lay person looking in from the privileged perspective of just a few meters outside of your life will be able to see things you can’t.

A mentor with practical experience in your field will notice that skill that you assume most people must have because for you its second nature (it’s not) and help you to maximise, hone and honour them. We notice the things that you struggle with and assist you to outsource them or simply show you how!


If you are in the health industry, practicing acupuncture osteopathy naturopathy or chiropractic’s to name a few, there are so many good reasons to have someone holding space for you and assisting you on what can often be a very solo path.

Here are the ones I see most often;

For most health practitioners we start on this path for a hand full of the same reasons and often it comes after a life changing experience of some sort. Either we are forced to deal with a health crisis or someone we love is and from that point on, gathering information, experiencing treatments and discovering and learning everything we can about our bodies, minds and sprits becomes our new focus.

It’s often this same desire to help that can get in the way and block our path forward. Compassion and a desire to help is wonderful but not at the expense of your own health and wellbeing;

  • Are you saying yes all the time?
  • Having trouble charging what you’re worth?
  • Saying yes to that ‘home’ treatment on your day off?

Often it’s not until we are feeling burnt out and resentful that we wonder how on Earth we can possibly do this as a ‘full time job’ or think we will have to quit and return to the ‘day job’ we left because there must have been something wrong with us.

If this sounds like you that’s not the case at all.

What isn’t often taught in college is setting up healthy boundaries, being clear on what your ideal week looks like in regard to the number of clients you see and what you personally need in your life to be the best version of you. Heck you might not have sat down and thought about that before you went off to study a natural therapy or massage qualification. Let me tell you right now these are magical, practical and necessary skills that will reap rewards in all areas of your life!

In the health industry things can often feel a little more personal. There is less of a barrier it might seem between your emotional world and your clients. We need really clear boundaries and skills to deal with people in highly emotional states, this can takes time and practice. The support of a coach or mentor can guide you in these support skills.

I love sharing my fave life hacks

knowing with wholehearted joy

that they WORK!

With my clients some of the most powerful days of our time together happen when we print out a big ‘ol weekly calendar and play tetris with your life until it fits. And I’ll be real here, we will probably have some tough conversations and some tears over things that will now be outsourced or simply deleted as they no longer serve you. (I am the big sister mentor you’ve been looking for after all! )

Another belief that I see holding back the amazing women I mentor is a belief that we must feel or have experienced everything that our clients are going through before we can help them. Or that somehow a certain number of years on the planet qualify you to have an educated opinion on something. This just isn’t true. The metrics of Age, Experience and Time aren’t transferable. They just aren’t. There will be situations that you have experienced that others twice your age haven’t, not all life experience is necessarily age dependent. I know plenty of amazing acupuncturists in their 20’s who haven’t had babies running incredibly successful clinics specialising in fertility that are gentle and compassionate and incredibly well versed in all the latest studies and practices. Clients of any age are going to benefit from their education and passion. It’s like me going to an accountant and seeing that they are 20 years younger than me and saying they wont have the skills to understand my budgeting and financial needs. I’m employing them to find me the most advantagous taxation plan and their skills in this are going to be education dependent and skill dependent not age reliant.

One skill or trait that is often put down to being age related is confidence. This can work either way here I’m going to be honest. I look back at how gung ho I was in some of my early years and the single minded focus and belief that acupuncture was going to change everyones life! (I mean it IS amazing) It was only as I accrued some more life experience (and humility) that I realised just how little I would ever truly know of the 3000 year old art and science that I practice. But here’s the wonderful thing. This only increased my thirst to learn more and be a life long student to the art of Chinese Medicine. This has benefited my clients immensely and is the most empowered place to be of service from. Having someone who has walked that path 1000 steps in front of you is going to save you from many of these pitfalls and offer navigation skills as you get clear on the kind of practitioner you want to be.

The next one is a oldie but a goodie; perfectionism. The ‘I just need to do one more course and then I’ll be good enough’. Now this can be the case in any profession, and I am certainly not saying that you should throw yourself on the unsuspecting public with out adequate qualifications. But as I have just mentioned being a student is a life long path and one that maintains a humble and curious nature. These two qualities are a so essential to cultivate. And yes you can be humble and successful and humble and charge your worth. These are NOT mutually exclusive, just let me show you how! Start before you think you are ready, just start and the path will begin to take form in front of you!

The last one I will cover here is that feeling that you need to be an expert in all areas of your business.

This will hold you back. Every. Single. Time.

Let me explain how. I’ve been in the health industry for 20 years and I woke up one day 8 years ago and realised that I was in fact a business and I needed to start acting like one. I needed to back myself and take my self and my business to the next level. (and I had no idea exactly what that was at the time) If I had’ve expected myself instantly to be as good at social media and marketing, creating images and pdfs and sharing my articles with journalists as I was after 12 years practicing acupuncture that would have been pretty crazy. It had taken me years and years of solid and dedicated work on those skills alone and I didn’t want (or need) to become an expert in a bunch of other fields.

Finally after torturing myself for just long enough I found a mentor. (Samantha Gowing in fact) Over the years I have had great support from mentors, kinesiologists, psychologists not to mention currently a kick ASS VA and a master mind group. It took a little while to find the right people who got my brand and got me and the way I like to work. If not for that first mentor I might still be believing that silly story of mine that I should be able to do it all on my own!

With my skills as an acupuncturist, medical intuitive and life coach mixed with my own personal experience of navigating the ups and downs of life and business I have a very powerful skill set to assist you to on your journey. If you’re curious about if it would be the best next step for you head over and find out more.


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N. Mcarthy

Cayman Islands / (After an 8 week life coaching program)

Honestly, when I look back over the last couple of months and realise how far I have come, I am amazed and incredibly grateful for the love and support and just presence of you in my journey. Life is beautiful and you Keri are an angel Grace and Love, Nic

Eva-Rose Joyce

Acupuncturist after 6 months of Practitioner Coaching.

I enrolled in a year's worth of Practice Mentoring with Keri 6 months ago. It has been wonderful to have her on the other end of the phone for assistance with tricky clients, decisions on the direction of my practice and to benefit from her extensive experience in the spa industry. She’s generous with her knowledge and time, her articles are insightful and practical and I really feel she really speaks my language! I’m looking forward to what is in store for the next 6 months as I feel I have already come a long way.

S. Roth (after a 1:1 session)

/ S. Roth

I am home from Retreat and just was telling a friend how seeing you really helped me last week and I just wanted to say thank you for your care. It really helped me through my pain seeing you.

Kara Martini

I have found your gorgeous affirmations (that I have been reading over and over!) so helpful. Thank you so much for the healing work you did for me - you have such a beautiful caring nature, it helped me so much xx

Debbie Zita

Keri will lovingly and gently guide you through any emotional physical mental and of course spiritual blocks that you may be facing. She is not only a gifted intuitive but is highly intelligent and brings a sense of humour and ease to her work.

Lara Goode

Osteopath / South Eastern Osteopathy (Soon to be found at!)

Words simply cannot describe just how amazingly magical Keri is. Starting my journey on an 8-week life coaching packaged was the best thing I ever did. Having such a supportive, intelligent and purely down to earth mentor literally changed my life. Her endless devotion and encouragement throughout our coaching sessions has helped me learn new life skills (both personal and business associated). As our program ended (and many tears were shed) I decided I could not possibly live without her and continued a monthly ‘maintenance’ of life guiding goodness! This coupled with body and soul nourishing acupuncture I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keri is now a valuable referral for many of my own clients and a close friend 😊 Jump on board people! You won't be disappointed! Xx

Ali Hill

Ali Hill

Psychologist/Speaker/Awesome Human

Keri’s ability to hold space when I was feeling hopeless, to cut through the noise when I was drowning is her gift to busy women. With her unique insights, her depth of experience and quirky humour, having her as a health coach bought me back to myself. When doubt rung louder than reason in my head, Keri’s practical advice gave me permission to be the biggest and best version of me. Every woman who is busy, drowning, losing sight of themselves will get huge value out of the words and wisdom that Keri shares. Do yourself a favour and get on board. I know that my future self is eternally grateful for the investment I made in having Keri in my corner.


Student of Nutrition

Thank you so much for sending me all those resources, and for taking the time to chat with me too! I felt so much better about my future even just after the little chat we had. That really meant the world to me and spun me a 180 in the right direction to a more positive outlook - so, thank you again.


Aged Care Worker and Magical Human

Thank you for the session on Friday I feel amazing! I seem to have more energy and even invited friends over for dinner on Saturday night which is not like me I don't usually initiate this but I did, so I'm feeling very happy and keep telling my family that I have had a great weekend. I am so happy to have met you and grateful that you have come into my life.