Magical Thinking

Once upon a time  I was a hippy chick, well actually I was a punker hippy chick…. Yes really! Faux fur leopard print hot pants and black gothic lace and pixie hair just to prove it. I did pagan things and believed in witch craft… you know like on Charmed!


Ummmm Yep thats me at 21!


I had talismans and Goddesses all over my house and celebrated the turning of the seasons with feasts and parties. I even left a piece of my birthday cake out side for the fairies each year. Yup I really did!

Over the years since then, with travel, age and life experience my focus has changed. I surely haven’t become ‘straight or normal’… whatever that looks like, but the grandiose practices have given way to observing the magical in everyday life. When life has become hectic I have celebrated the turning of seasons with a nod, a midnight walk or a cup of rose tea at sunrise.

There are less talismans heaving on every surface… ok well except the owls and the unicorns of course… but I have felt that less was more and that power or strength came from with in me and that there was less need for external reminders.

So when I stumbled across Violet Gray on ETSY I was looking for a beautiful gift for my bestie…. Saturn Return can REALLY suck, I wanted something gorgeous and magical to remind her of her own beauty and magic. Et Viola!.. a new addiction had begun! And I was back in the magical talisman territory!

E-stalking some  gorgeous pieces a few month later for myself I found  this bracelet ” Communicate” and I knew it was mine!


This year ahead is very much about communication for me; writing, blogging and speaking, so the intention of its creation and the symbolism of the crystals really spoke to me.

Talismans like this don’t suddenly bestow magical new abilities upon us (thus far.. but I WILL get back to you on that!)  I believe though that they are a gorgeous token of focus and reasurance to remind me when I look down to speak my truth and shine my light! The crystals themselves encourage us to resonate with their intended  frequencies, just by being what they are.

Thats practical magic at work!


Do you employ magical thinking in your day?

What magical reminders do you wear or have in your space to offer you a reminder of your own strength?

I’d love to hear about them.

To comment below just click the tiny ‘comment’ … yes it is tiny… I’m working on that!