I am not currently practicing at the moment.

This was a massive decision to make but I am focusing on my role at Eden Health Retreat and creating my online courses to be (finally) launched this year.


I specialise in Women’s Emotional Wellbeing from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Women recovering from stress and burnout and the associated endocrine and menstrual issues that are usually associated with this.
I will if needed suggest testing and can provide you with the paper work for this during our sessions. I can also prescribe supplementation if required on a basis of this testing.

My acupuncture style is predominantly Japanese in approach.
My clinical experience dates back 20 years.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me and how I practice here are some health related articles on my site :-
You can pop to the journal to read more on other topics I am passionate about.

Acupuncturists are registered with AHPRA and as such we are legally unable to display testimonials but will often refer to cited studies in clinic.

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