Boundaried is a self care course that invites you into a devotional dance with practical and magical ways to nourish, support and care for your best self. We will deep dive into the ideas, beliefs and practices that block you from giving yourself the care that you need.

Boundaried is everything that I wish a fairy godmother, big sister or benevolent aunt had dropped on my doorstep any (or pretty much every) day of my 30s. Which just happened to be when life decided to get stress-full, unpredictable and at some points downright heartbreaking; when I was starting a business, leaving a marriage and recovering my health.


These things can happen to us at any age AND we don’t have to wait for the big life nudges to act.


I have lived every single one of the stories you will hear, unravelled and unpacked every single one of the beliefs and habits we will riff on, and incorporated all of the rituals in the tool box in my life. It is an ongoing practice and one that deepens my relationship with self and the divine every day.

I am offering you a pathway full of techniques, reminders and full wholehearted permission to change the way you look at taking time for yourself.


It takes 21 days of repeated behavior, feeling and thinking to create new neural pathways. And I am with you every step of the way.


Each day for 21 days you will receive an email with a short (10 min) audio on a different topic. There will be themes to consider and muse on. Prompts will guide you to dive into the tool box that is yours to download and keep forever.


The tool box contains all the work sheets and journal prompts you will be guided to use across the 21 days too (either online or to download, print and get crafty with). There are guided meditations, short yoga videos (for every body) rituals for everything from the moon cycles to that bad day you had, recipes for baths, how to take yourself on a date and so much more!



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In the welcome email you will be invited to consider when is the best time for you to listen to the audios, and to check your calendar for the week ahead and book in time for this (like you would any other appointment that you want to keep).


The PDFs, audios and videos in the tool box are yours forever, so time is not an issue, BUT I would invite you to give yourself over to the process. 21 days that are yours to go on a journey.


The content takes into account the days of the week, the likelihood that you need to work and get the kids off to school and that you might have more time on the weekends. This course is navigated around the moon phases and astrology that occur over the coming month. There is no wrong way to do this course! You will be guided and held the entire time.


  • The Boundaried woman hungers for that something she cannot
  •  name and no longer wants to feel shame for.
  • Is drawn to the magical she senses is out there somewhere just out of sight.
  • Wants to know how to trust her heart and stop just long enough to hear her own voice.
  • But she’s busy and needed and just can’t work out how to prioritse that time.
  • She has lists of lists and reads books on doing less and yet…
  • At the end of the day is falling into bed exhausted, the call goes unanswered…and the longing continues.








“I loved the conversational nature of Keri’s audios, it felt like we were in the car together, chatting on my way to work each morning”


Equine Scientist

I especially loved Day 20 of Boundaried. Tapping into sisterhood was so healing for me. I remembered the need of all creatures to be surrounded by their herd. To be seen and witnessed by my sisters was so very powerful.

Anonymous Feedback

It's simple and profound...and Goddess knows the worlds needs more of that. I enjoyed it all, I wouldn't suggest changing anything other than perhaps more access to your beautiful magical soul. Boundaried is an embodied collaboration from the heart...and it shows xx

Katie Jane

I just wanted to drop you a little note to say that I am enjoying these emails/ audios each day. It's a lovely and supportive course - some days of course resonate more than others - but you've put together a lovely program. I'm happy to have purchased. Thank you, I love your 'soothing' voice message each day. Blessings x


I found it a really lovely and supportive course. Each day flowed well to the next, not too much info to take in, and I loved the audios to listen to each day. I think it was really beneficial, thank you x



From my years of treating women in my clinical practice I know that what most women want is a place to start. A doorway that they don’t have to build themselves. It is so much harder to do all the things required in our lives and invent the wheel at the same time. You don’t have to.



The content and practices are things that I will encourage you to continue to revisit and deepen and evolve.


My intention is that you will feel empowered and supported and committed to continue implementing positive self loving care in your life.


When life takes the next hectic turn (and the only thing about life that is guaranteed is that it will) you will have a new muscle that is only going to get stronger and a resource that you know and love to dive into to support you.