Transition- And how I’m coming out the other side brand new …. kinda!

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Pick up any self development book on business or life and you can bet there will be a chapter in there on transition.

Most of these stories (that I have read at any rate) seem to work around a purpose or an outcome or a timeline.

Do this and then work out that and Viola! Welcome to your new life! 

I was chatting on-line with a gorgeous woman recently and she said to me that someone needs to tell us that these transitions can go on for what seems to be an indeterminate length of time and I agreed. Let me tell you it can feel like you’re failing and could easily give up. Truthfully I feel like even if someone DID tell me, I probably would have said, “yes yes” and then intellectualised a time line of a couple of weeks.

As if. 

Despite it no longer really being a viable metaphor, I have often used the analogy of being in an airport transit lounge; you know that you will eventually get on a plane, but you’re not sure where too, nor how long you’re going to be waiting for your plane.

After a while it becomes less about where you are going, than how you’re going to spend your time in that lounge without going crazy.

I think the lounge analogy here is quite good as many of us will attest, they are not usually comfortable places. The food is over priced, it’s either too hot or too cold, either way you have the wrong clothing on, there are super annoying people talking loudly right next to you, the list goes on. 

And yet here we are for an undetermined amount of time. 



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