How to have a Hammam Spa Date at Home


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Well I don’t know about you but after many weeks of #stayingathome and Winter making her presence felt even in Qld and Day Spa’s and Bath Houses being a little while from opening I was was ready to create my own Spa Day at Home.

My skin was feeling like it needed a good exfoliation as the minute the humidity drops I turn into a lizard and I wanted something fun for a date night!

When I was at Kokomo in Fiji last year. (Yes let’s just name drop that here shall we!) the amazing Hammam treatment that I had there used the stunning Mira’s Hands products.

So how delighted was I when the sells-out-in-a-second Savon Noir soup came back in stock!

I topped this up with a jar of the Deep Detoxifying Rhassoul Clayย for maximum smooth fresh skin.

Their oils are heavenly and next on my list!



So how does this work?

Firstly grab your lover, best friend, sister or solo self!

Light all the candles and have the bath pouring if you’re going to add a soak to the experience.

Basically get everything you might possibly want in the bathroom before you get wet and covered in soap and clay.

Let your imagination run wild here, plenty of towels, a super large bath mat as you’re gong to be standing outside of the shower for a bit, if you’re planning a bath then you’ll need to have tea or champagne and snacks.

I highly recommend dates cut in half with a spread of nut butter with a couple of squares of dark chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰


Savon Noir, Mira's Hands, Spa at Home, Hammam Spa, Winter Skin


If your bathroom has one of those heating lights pop that on (It’s winter as I write this) although with even a short hot shower to rinse off the bathroom will probably be nice and steamy.

Once you’re damp take a small piece of the Savon Noir (I bit less than the size of an Aussie 20c piece) and lather up then leave for 5 mins followed by another rinse.

Then take the Kessa Mittย  (I have one from my yoga retreat in Amorgos in 2018 .. but that’s a bragging story for another day!) and rub in up and down motions and as they say “don’t be surprised to find spindles of dead skin falling away”

Nothing says I love you quite like sharing dead skin! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rinse off and Viola!


Rhassoul Mask, Spa at Home, Hammam Spa, Stay at Home, Winter Skin


We then slathered on the Rhassoul Clay paste. Follow the instructions to make the paste.

I had this ready mixed to go in a small dish. We left this on for 7 minutes. Depending on how dry your skin is you can leave it on longer for a deeper cleanse. Whilst this mask is rich in minerals you still want to put the oils back in. I applied a Rose Hydrosol to prep and then massaged in my fave Hemp Seed oil.

You might use Mira’s amazing Prickly Pear oil or your own favourite moisturisers and serums. You do you!


(I would also recommend taking off jewellery before you clay up … but hey!)


Moisturise yourselves head to toe, enjoy your bath and your tea and snacks in your dressing gowns and congratulate yourself for being so damn cute and baby smooth!

I’d love to hear how your Spa at Home Date went!