The Practical Magic of Feng Shui


Art by Brandy Woods

Art by Brandy Woods


The last few weeks have seen me re-arranging the furniture like crazy. This is a pretty normal habit for me. Seasonally I like to keep the energy in my home fresh and keep clutter from building up.

But after 3 moves in 13 months last year I was taking no chances so last week I had Feng Shui Consultant, Building Biologist and Nutritionist Kate Woods come to my house and check things out.  Kate is one of the very few building biologists in the country. As corporations come to realise the link between productivity, staff health and that our environments directly impact that, this field is set to explode. And of course as an acupuncturist I wanted to make sure the energy in my house was being supported. I wanted to feel like the energy of my home was working WITH me. In acupuncture treatments we take into account the external causes of illness and these can include the obvious things like external trauma, too much heat, wind, and dampness but also other ‘pathogenic factors’. I looked at this like an acupuncture treatment for my home and couldn’t wait for Kate to work her magic. It’s an incredibly precise science, and I wondered how I would possibly measure the results.

Reasons why you might want to look at FengShui

Your moving or occupants of the house are changing or relocating.

You’re renovating

There has been illness or discord in your home and you’re looking for a fresh start and in some cases some support to discover alternative causes after other obvious factors have been ruled out.

What you need 

You need the floor plan of your home, the year it was built (as close as you can if it’s not yours) I was able to google stalk the original purchasing dates of my apartment. My real estate were also very helpful.

What you will receive

Each consultation is unique  but all involve a comprehensive report (physical and digital) on your home, layout, remedies, and suggestions to detoxify your home from a building biology perspective. Kate is incredibly thorough and will spend hours going through your home before writing up her report.


So whilst my home has felt very lovely and I’ve taken care to create ambient light filled spaces there were some rooms that were less ideal for the prosperity of my work.

Even before I had Kate in, there was a sense that I needed to shake things up a bit. As a single woman living on her own running her own biz there’s a lot of alone time and often a sense of longing for support. I have wonderful people in my life, a family that cheer my mad life choices at all times but there are days when two hands and two legs can only do so much … as anyone who has tried to put a bed frame together on their own will attest. My intention with this consultation was to feel like I had the support of my home, now this might sound a bit bonkers but there are areas in my life that I would like to work on and put more energy into, but I don’t want that to be at the expense of my business and income and ability to support myself.

One of the most meaningful things Kate said to me is that I had chosen a house (or the house had chosen me) that would support my business growth and financial wellbeing (this was due to the wonderful placement of my entrance way)  But that I would have to work on other areas such as my health and relationships, but that I could do this without compromising my business. (obviously these are all supportive structures, I still have to show up, Feng Shui isn’t a magic unicorn of lotto wins!)

A fascinating element of the layout of my home showed that there was this funny little piece missing out of the building. Now missing structures need a ‘remedy’ which can be pretty straight forward. What was so fascinating was that the missing piece in that quadrant indicated a sense of lacking support in ones life. This home was going to give me an opportunity to heal that!

How Cool!

Feng Shui remedies much like acupuncture treatments involve balancing the elements in your home, by nourishing the elements you need more of or adding controlling features to keep negative elements from overpowering the space.

The one essential move that I needed to do was to move my office from where I had it down stairs to the most auspicious placement in the upstairs second bedroom. Now by all means call it co-incidence but within the next 4 days  I had taken three phone calls from clients I hadn’t seen in ages to book in, two new client referrals and new and old friends got back in touch and there has been a marked increase in my social calendar! I’m happy to also share after years of man drought there has been some truly nourishing and fun developments on that front. I don’t believe in co-incidence and even if you’re not prepared to believe that moving furniture around alone can create change in your life, I think its pretty hard to doubt the efficacy of a reinforced intention backed with practical action to remind you on a daily basis of where you want to be growing in your life.


Focused intention and practical attention are the keys to creating change in any are of your life.


For more on the science of The Flying Stars School of Feng Shui see Kates post here.

If you are in the South East Qld area of Australia or even Sydney please contact Kate and receive a discount on mentioning this post. She’s currently working out ways to offer Skype consultations to those far and wide.




Kate was generous enough to gift me this consultation as I have pretty much been pestering her since we met because I just loved the idea of ‘giving my house an acupuncture treatment’ but I won’t be receiving commissions on referrals or anything like that cause I love having magic to share with my tribe and I want you to get that Qi flowing correctly!! What are you waiting for get in touch!

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