Wellness and Spa Magic on Kokomo Island Fiji

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Just when I thought that this last 12 months couldn’t possibly hold any more surprises a work trip rose on my horizon that I couldn’t say no to.

Enter a magical opportunity to offer acupuncture to the guests on Kokomo Island in Fiji and to facilitate some spa massage training to the truly gifted team there.

I can only speak highly of the range of Pure Fiji and Sodashi treatments on offer.

Just wait until you see their Hammam treatment space.

As I’m pretty sure you’ll work out quickly that this post is thinly masquerading as an excuse to share these pictures. You’re welcome!

Work was done, sunbathing was enjoyed. Even when it was pouring down in tropical deluges (not pictured) it was extraordinary.

Thank you so much to Kokomo Island Resort for having me and to Naomi at Spa Sessions Consulting for inviting me.


I was met as I departed the short flight from Brisbane to Nadi and whisked through customs to the chopper that was waiting for myself and 3 other Kokomo guests. Not a bad first time chopper experience!


Kokomo Island, Fji, Keri Krieger ,


The view as we approached was extraordinary.


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Days started like this.


Kokomo Island, Keri Krieger, Pure Fiji, Wellness on Kokomo

Wondering around the Island, taking in the view from the Farm that grows so much of the food for the amazing menu created by Chef Cory


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Edible flowers are on every plate.


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Trying to take self portraits with the timer are always a bit hit and miss 🙂


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It is like walking through a tropical paradise as you enter the Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary.


Acupuncture on Kokomo Island, spa Kokomo, Pure Fiji Spa Trainer

So thrilled to be able to offer acupuncture at such a magical location.


Hammam Spa, Kokomo Island, Fiji, Spa Trainer


This Middle Eastern Inspired treatment was a deluxe experience in exfoliation and detoxification. My skin felt softer than ever after black soap is applied and exfoliated with the traditional massage glove (I have one of these after my time in Greece!) I was then wrapped in Clay and rose water my scalp massaged then moisturised within an inch of my life with the divine smelling MirasHand Neroli moisturiser. Divine!


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My face says it all.


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Sunsets like this.

Kokomo Island

And early morning starts before the other guests were up.


Kokomo Island, Tropical Beach, Fiji, Keri Krieger,

And little beaches covered in recently washed up Pumice


Kokomo Island, Fiji, Keri Krieger, Spa Trainer,

This guy woke me up every morning in the lovely staff accomodation.

Thankfully my time in Bali has made me immune to this often frustrating but mostly entertaining animal alarm clock.


My office some days looked like this.

Kokomo Island, Keri Krieger, Spa Trainer, Facial Acupuncture, Fiji


Jade Gua Sha, Gua Sha, Facial Acupuncture, Kokomo Island, keri Krieger

While I was creating demonstrations for Jade Gua Sha


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But eventually it was time to go. Island time gives way to reality eventually. There was not a dry eye on the deck as the staff sang us off the Island.

(and if you look closely at the plane .. these are KP’I’s I could get behind!)

Sea Plane, Kokomo Island, luxury travel, Spa Trainer, Keri Krieger

Another first as we head back to Nandi on the Sea Plane.


Thank you so much to the whole team, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

I was made to feel so welcome and was so looked after.

Let’s see what rises on the horizon for 2020.