Why you should value the cost of your acupuncture treatment as much as the treatment itself.

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Ok so this is as close as I get to a rant. (It’s completely a rant) 

I’m a big fan of people having their own process and the last thing I want to do is to tell someone what to do. 

But I’m gonna tell you what to do anyway ok. 

And we can file it under “ professional guidance” and you can take it or leave it or pop it on the fridge under one of those holiday magnets and come back to it in the future and wonder why it took you so long to get back to it.

Because it was after all your process and the reality is that we do need to work these things out in our own time. 

But personally I wish I had ‘gotten’ things so much sooner and I wish that for you too. 

I call it the Big Sister effect and sometimes it is lovely and other times it’s pushy and either way it’s coming at you now.


Please just bloody choose yourself and take care of your health. Everything in your life will work better, including your brain and your sex life. 

There. Thats it. 

Oh and it’s going to take time and cash and you will want to believe the story in your head that you don’t have either and mostly that story is completely inaccurate and you will probably struggle on and after a considerable amount of time and some cash you will find your way back to the initial option and wonder why you didn’t take it in the first place (not unlike that fridge magnet situation) 

And how do I know this?

Because I was and occasionally still am that person but mostly because I am actually so impatient and so tenacious that I have endless stories and evidence of where I found the time and money to pursue the care I know I needed. Even when I was broke, even when I was a student and even when I was really unwell and shouldn’t have been working but had to I found the resources to support my health journey as I talked about this article here. 

You see, a HUGE part of your healing and the treatment you’re undertaking is actually about valuing yourself. Valuing yourself enough to spend time with yourself and feel how you’re feeling, and ask for help, get educated and receive care and use your valuable resources of time and money in the pursuit of these things. 

There are exceptions to this rule of course. 

But most of the women that come to me for treatment are experiencing health issues exacerbated by stress, overwork and emotional unraveling that benefit greatly from them beginning to focus on their own needs.

So here’s the thing that I want you to know about repeat bookings, maintenance treatments and pricing. 

I am really dedicated to you having access to the care you need and this includes a treatment plan that will actually work. And by work I mean have the time to take effect and begin encouraging your bodies natural healing abilities that have often been struggling for years. 

I am a  fierce advocate for your wellbeing. Full stop. 

I will give you my professional opinion about what is needed and invite you to commit to yourself .

If it’s a tiny stretch then we know we’re in good territory and I will feel this stretch and know it’s place in your health evolution and I will not budge and drop the price or say come back whenever. I want you get the results you should.

This is not about me suggesting you put yourself in an enormous amount of debt. I am not the sale at Sass and Bide and I’m not interested in you coming back when you genuinely don’t need to just so I can keep Ruben in designer dog cardigans. 

But I do want you to know a few things.

Firstly that the  20 years so far that I have dedicated to being able to offer you the kind of assistance which looks easy and straight forward hasn’t come at a small cost.

And secondly that a lot of the care and education that I am able to offer you would actually cost you hundreds of dollars more per session if it was coming from your integrated GP. 

And please know that the SECOND I am beyond my clinical capabilities that I will refer you to someone in the network of allied health professionals that I have spent the last 20 years creating. These include everyone from Chiro’s to GP’s to Psychologist and every possible health practitioner in-between. You will not be left hanging. 

And so because I’m a little intense on the commitment spectrum I want you to be a little intense in your commitment to yourself. 

And I reckon that’s ok. 

Now the only caveat here is that the majority of the women I see, and the women that follow me on the socials and will most likely be reading this, are incredibly privileged. 

Just as I was. Even when I was a student, when I was ‘broke’ and when I was super unwell I was still in a very niche demographic of people on this planet that can actually access a lot of free health care, and that had had access to the enormous privilege of education. 

There are times and places and people for whom I absolutely offer discounted and community based sessions. But for all the reasons above I am not a huge fan of pandering to a collective poverty consciousness that devalues health care and self responsibility. 

Yup. No mincing my words there. 

So I guess this might get filed under pricing policies and procedures, I’ve never published anything like this before . I hope though you can see and feel my intention through all of this is for you to value YOU. 

Because you and your health are actually are worth it.