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An evidenced based supplement powder that relives the symptoms of UTI’s


UTI’s can become frequent in peri-menopause for many reasons, including lowering and fluctuating oestrogen and changes in the vaginal flora.

This product is safe to take and available over the counter in a variety of forms in many pharmacy’s.

This brand however is practitioner only and offers a slightly higher quality and dose.


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Keri will be in touch within 12 hours at most (within business hours) to prescribe this product to you.

This link creates an account where you will order the prescribed products and they will be sent directly to you from the supplier.

I offer all my clients products at below RRR prices to encourage the purchasing of high quality supplements that are right for you and will support your required health out come.

Why d-Mannose May Be as Efficient as Antibiotics in the Treatment of Acute Uncomplicated Lower Urinary Tract Infections—Preliminary Considerations and Conclusions from a Non-Interventional Study

This study shares the efficacy of DMannose in the treatment of UTI’s

If you have any ongoing concerns regarding UTI’s or bladder infections or think you might benefit from a local oestrogen. (delivered into the vagina via creams or pessaries) please contact your local GP.

Keri specialises in supporting women with all elements of their peri-menopausal health concerns and a consult with her can booked here.

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