Peri-Menopause Webinar for Practitioners

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According the the United Nation, World Population Prospects, by 2025, there will be over 1 billion women experiencing menopause in the world, which will be 12% of the entire world population of 8 billion.

1 Billion

Let that sink in for a minute.

Combined with the findings from this study. there is an enormous gap in education and knowledge not only for the women about their own bodies but also for health care providers.

This sounds like the perfect storm to me. OR the perfect opportunity for significant social change, where we get to champion the needs of and support women in midlife in a wholistic way.


Ethically tap into a burgeoning market.

From a business perspective it’s a no brainer.

You will meet your values in offering a high quality of care whilst also accessing a burgeoning market in women’s health.

The “femtech” industry is salivating at the prospect of having 12% of the population undereducated and under resourced to sell to. I feel we have a duty of care to educate our selves in a way that supports our community and maintains our thriving practices.

What is covered in the over 100 minutes of the webinar:

The Season Of Peri-Menopause as it is has been understood in Chinese Medicine for generations.

What is happening for women in midlife from a Chinese Medicine perspective. We will go over physiological, mental and emotional changes that are occurring, how this can show up in symptomology and a triage approach to treatment.

The Western Medical model of viewing health in midlife and why we need to have an understanding of western treatments including HRT and SSRI’s.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Western Naturopathic supplementation and helpful “bandaids” to support clients while treatment plans can take effect.

An integrated approach to treating, GSM, brain fog, hot flushes, weight gain and disordered menstruation.

Specific tools to support your clients emotional wellbeing.

The real cost of stress on the nervous system of women in midlife and why neuroscience refers to this season of life as a dynamic “developmental window”

I encourage you to bring your case studies for a Q & A. There is no such thing as a strange question!

I will have my own case studies to share.

You will also have access to bonuses when the replay is uploaded into the portal including my mentoring articles for new practitioners in the spa and health retreat industry.

And last but not least you will have access to my Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass for half price!


I look forward to seeing you on the night.



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