Supplement Prescriptions



Adrenal / Stress Support – requires short free consultation book below

Mood & Anxiety Support Packages- requires short free consultation book below

Menstrual Health & Hormone Care- requires short free consultation book below

(Products above are commonly used but may not be appropriate for your particular health picture)


Winter Blues Skin & Immunity – please email with Winter Blues in the heading and I will set up your prescription within maximum 24 hours.



60 tabs $31.46






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Complex health issues are best treated by a qualified practitioner over an extended period of time and I will often refer you to health professionals  to ensure you get to the root cause of your health concerns.

These supplement packages are available by prescription mailed directly to you after a short consultation.

This consult is a free 30 min check in to ensure these are the correct products for you and they aren’t contraindicated.

All products are sold below RRP and I am not affiliated with any brands. All products prescribed are done so on the basis of clinical experience.


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