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Hypoallergenic, ultra gentle foam wash, unfragranced


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Sensitively formulated gentle feminine wash which respects the delicate vaginal ecology with a refreshing and cleansing action
Suitable for daily use, unlike many traditional soaps and shower gels which may disrupt natural vaginal pH balance
Contains organically grown calendula and aloe
Soil association certified organic (85%)
Vegetarian friendly

Aqua (water)
Lauryl betaine
Decyl glucoside
Calendula officinalis (Calendula) extract*
Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice powder*
Citric acid
Potassium sorbate
Sodium benzoate
*Organically grown ingredients


Happy Vulvas throughout your Peri / Menopausal Journey!

Now we all know that Vaginas are self cleaning! (If you don’t now you do!) And we do not want to do random weird things with washes that affect the delicate vaginal microbiome. But sometimes as we age, and Peri-menopause kicks in our flora down there changes, oestrogen fluctuates and things can feel dry and not fun and we might be using lubes more often. For this reason it’s often nice to have a delicate hypoallergenic wash for after to clear away any sticky lubey residue!

This can also be helpful in the prevention of bacteria sticking around after your post coital wee (yep I’m gonna discus everything here!)

Firstly make sure you are using YES lube; there are two types water and oil based and I personally recommend both.

Secondly please do not put up with pelvic pain of any sort. Vaginal dryness, tenderness or inflammation is common as we age but not natural and certainly should be checked out and supported. I have a very lengthy (and very honest) article about my journey with Genito-Urinary- Symptoms of Menopause (GSM) on my Substack.


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I recommend seeking medical advice from your GP if you think you might benefit from local oestrogen (pessaries or creams)

And I would LOVE to support you with either an online consult or in person acupuncture session.


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It’s so important to me that women educate ourselves on our pelvic health and the changes we experience in menopause.


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