All My Writing is Moving to Substack!

Substack Newsletter, Keri Krieger

So perhaps you’re already across this wonderful new platform, or perhaps as you’re reading this you’re thinking UGH! Not another platform to get across. I hear you.

I was there AND the thing that I love the most about this platform is that there is NO algorithm.

You subscribe to the people you want to read or watch or listen to.





No doom scrolling. No adds for things you don’t need. And for me as a writer I  can get on with writing that book I’ve been banging on about since the 90’s! and you get to read it first as a paid subscriber.

There are a bunch of posts already up. Let me show you some of them.

This one here goes into just why I started my Substack and my intention of my readers.

And this one here offers some homespun support for those navigating Peri-Menopause.

“A Witches Guid to Peri-menopause” 


I’d love to see you over there, message me and tell me what you’d like the most help with and I’ll get to creating some solution asap!

Much love